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WordPress Management Services by WPSimplifyd

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WordPress Management Services by WPSimplifyd

Wearing too many hats? In over your head? Let WPSimplifyd manage, maintain, and secure your WordPress website— while you focus on what you do best!

WPSimplifyd’s WordPress Management Services were created by a hands-on WordPress expert with over 20 years of web design and web development experience. That means your website will be handled with care, to extend the life of your investment. With WPSimplifyd, you’ll also benefit from discounted custom WordPress design and development services— for simple and complex projects. And you’ll work directly with the same Austin-based web developer on every project.

The Challenges with WordPress

And Why WordPress Management Services are a Thing

WordPress Management Services by WPWimplifyd

Plugin Updates

WordPress and plugins need to be updated frequently. And while the process is relatively simple, stuff happens. In fact, a simple plugin update can take down your entire website.


Yes, WordPress is a lightning rod for hackers, because it’s the most popular CMS in the world, by far. Unfortunately, you must harden your website and remain vigilant.

Not So Easy

Sometimes the simplest things can be extremely frustrating— for a variety of reasons. Maybe your theme is counter-intuitive. Or, maybe it’s just buggy.

No Support

WordPress is supported by a very large community. But most of the info you’ll find is written for developers; outdated; or may not apply in your case.

Unreliable Developers

Companies that build websites often have no interest in providing WordPress management services. That means it’s up to you to find a developer you can trust (easier said than done).

Inadequate Hosting

Not all hosting environments are suitable for WordPress. It’s easy to fall for an inexpensive plan. And it’s just as easy to spend more than you really need to.

Let’s Get Real for a Second

Nothing on the planet even comes close to beating WordPress. It’s flexible. It’s scalable. It’s powerful. It’s free. It rocks! You just need some help from an experienced WordPress developer. Or, you need to dedicate your life to designing and developing websites. Your choice.

Why WPSimplifyd is the Solution

for WordPress Management Services

WordPress Management Services by WPWimplifyd

Introducing: WPS Website Inspector

WPS Website Inspector — included in your plan at no additional cost — helps identify critical issues before they get out of hand. These visual inspections are performed by an experienced WordPress designer/developer (not a bot or a novice) on a monthly basis.

WPS Website Inspector covers the following areas:

  • Content (typos, outdated text, readability, etc.)
  • Design (visual consistency, image quality, typography, etc.)
  • Technology (broken links, slow-loading pages, buggy plugins, etc.)
  • Security (weak passwords, malware, outdated server software, etc.)
  • Search Engine Optimization (blocked search engines, poorly optimized pages, etc.)
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (weak calls-to-action, unclear benefits, broken contact forms, etc.)

Plan Features

WordPress Website Maintenance Services

WPS Safe Update Service

WordPress, themes, and plugins are updated on a test server; then safely and manually updated on your live site— at least once a month.
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WordPress Website Maintenance Services

Offsite Backups

Backups are pushed to the cloud for safe storage and fast retrieval when disaster strikes.
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WordPress Website Maintenance Services

WPS Security Protection & Monitoring

Your website is monitored 24/7 to help lock out hackers and prevent malware infections.
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WordPress Website Maintenance Services

Server Downtime Monitoring

Your website is monitored 24/7 to minimize downtime and identify technical issues that may be associated with unreliable hosting.
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WordPress Website Maintenance Services

WordPress Development Services

WPSimplifyd also includes consulting, design, and/or development services at a discounted rate.
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WordPress Website Maintenance Services

WPS Reports & Notifications

Also included are email notifications and monthly reports to keep you informed.
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Three Plans to Choose From

WPSimplifyd’s WordPress Management Services: Basic; Premium; and Pro.

WPSimplifyd Basic Maintenance Plan


The Basic WordPress website management plan includes WPS Safe WordPress, theme, and plugin updates; offsite backups; and WPS Reports & Notifications. Just the basics— without any development hours, nor a 25% discount on development hours.

WPSimplifyd Premium Maintenance Plan


WPSimplifyd’s most popular Premium management plan includes everything in the Basic plan, plus WPS Security Protection & Monitoring, WPS Website Auditor, and up to 1 development hour per month. Additional hours are available at a 25% discount.

WPSimplifyd Pro Maintenance Plan


WPSimplifyd’s Pro management plan includes everything in the Premium plan, plus an SEO audit; analytics reporting; conversion rate tracking, and up to 2 development hours per month (more available at a 25% discount).

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