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About WPSimplifyd

WPSimplifyd is a WordPress support services firm in Texas. It’s actually a spin-off by Oddo Design — a custom web design and web development firm in Austin that works exclusively on WordPress-powered websites.

Why the spinoff? Oddo Design has been custom-designing and custom-developing websites for WordPress since 2009. After new websites were launched, many clients wanted ongoing support services and wanted their investment to be properly maintained and secured. In 2016, Oddo Design’s WordPress support service became WPSimplifyd and was redesigned to better accommodate the needs of small businesses — with more options and more affordable pricing. Today, WPSimplifyd also provides WordPress support and maintenance services for websites that were created by anyone — not just Oddo Design.

WordPress Support by WPSimplifyd

When you sign up with WPSimplifyd, your website will be properly maintained and secured by an experienced U.S.-based WordPress designer and developer. And when you need more than the basics, WPSimplifyd clients enjoy discounted Oddo Design development rates!*

How It Works

Simple. Sign up for a Premium Plan. Then, provide the credentials for your website using this form. This will allow WPSimplifyd to provision your website. When your website is provisioned, WPSimplifyd installs and configures several premium plugins to backup and secure* your website. But that’s not all. WPSimplifyd also monitors your website for nefarious activity* and downtime 24/7. When an issue is detected, WPSimplifyd takes action on your behalf.

And of course, WordPress, Themes, and/or plugins will be updated for you — at least on a monthly basis — to add an extra layer of security and to keep your website running like it should.

When maintenance work is performed on your website, you receive an email report or notification.


Contact WPSimplifyd. Or, see the FAQs at the bottom of the Pricing page.

* Requires Premium Plan or higher. Please see details.

Save Time. Prevent Costly Mistakes.

WordPress Update Service

WPSimplifyd is a WordPress maintenance and support service that fights hackers and malware; monitors for downtime; safely updates WordPress, themes, and plugins; and more.

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