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WPSimplifyd Price/Features


WPS Website Inspector

WPS Security Protection & Monitoring

WPS Safe WordPress/Theme/Plugin Updates

Offsite Backups

24/7 Downtime Monitoring

WPS Reports & Notifications

Performance Monitoring

Includes 1 Consulting/Design/Development Hour

25% Off Add’l Consulting/Design/Development Hours

Set-Up Fee (no charge, new clients)

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing FAQs

Are there any long-term commitments or contracts?
None whatsoever. The service is billed month-to-month, until you cancel.
Are there any set-up fees?
For new clients/websites there is no setup fee. However, if you cancel/restart the service, there is a $150 setup fee.
What are your payment terms?
Payment is due before maintenance service begins. The low monthly fee is billed to your credit card on a recurring basis, until you cancel. This ensures that your website will be properly monitored and maintained for the entire month.

However, when development hours exceed your plan, you will be invoiced after the additional work has been performed. In this case, invoices are emailed on the 1st and 15th of each month, by Oddo Design (WPSimplifyd’s parent). Payment is due within 7 days and may be paid by credit card, direct deposit, or check.

Do you charge sales tax?
By law, Texas residents must be charged sales tax unless your organization is tax-exempt.
What is the discounted rate for WordPress Development?

Your plan includes up to 1 hour per month. Additional time is available on an as-needed basis at a 25% discount (@ $75 per hour vs $100 per hour) for as long as you have a plan.

What is the non-discounted rate for WordPress Development?
If you do not have a WPSimplifyd Premium or Pro plan, time is billed at $100 per hour.
What does "WordPress Development" cover?
Practically anything related to your WordPress website.

For example, adding new features; troubleshooting technical issues; consulting; training; creating custom graphics; adding new photos to your website; configuring Google Analytics; improving the user experience; migrating your website to a new hosting company; and much more.

Can my WordPress Development hour(s) be applied towards a larger project?
Yes. For example, during the month of March, you have a project that requires 6 hours of development time. If you have the Premium Plan, you will receive a 1-hour credit for that project (i.e., you will only pay for 5 hours of development time).
Can unused WordPress Development hours be used on another website?
No. WordPress Development hours are not transferrable.
Do WordPress Development hours roll over from month to month?
No, your Development hour(s) must be used during your month of service. Otherwise, they will be lost.
Is Support, Design, Development, Consulting, etc., unlimited?

Your plan includes up to 1 hour per month of support, design, development, consulting, etc. After that, time is billed at $75 per hour. You will receive an invoice from Oddo Design for the additional time/work.

Features FAQs

What is "Security Monitoring"?

When a hacker tries to guess your WordPress password too many times (a fairly common occurrence), WPSimplifyd is notified and the hacker is temporarily locked out. Repeat offenders are permanently banned from your website. Other precautions may be taken or recommended to harden your website. Your website is also scanned daily by Securi for malware. If infected, WPSimplifyd will be notified and ready to respond.

What is "Security Protection"?

Your WPSimplifyd plan includes a firewall that is configured to make your WordPress website more secure. Other measures are recommended and/or taken, relative to site activity.

Miscellaneous FAQs

How do we get started?
Just visit this page.

Once you sign up, you will be asked to provide the necessary credentials for accessing your WordPress Dashboard and files. This will require an admin-level account for WordPress and FTP access.

Where is WPSimplifyd physically located?
All work is performed right here in the U.S., just outside of Austin, Texas, by an experienced WordPress designer/developer. WPSimplifyd was started by Oddo Design— a custom WordPress web design and development firm that was established in 1989.
Do you create new custom websites?
Check out Oddo Design.
Who do you recommend for web hosting?
WP Engine is designed especially for WordPress. It’s fast and relatively inexpensive. Here are their plans.
Still have questions?
Contact WPSimplifyd.

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